Upgrade your Ethnicwear with our Freshly Arrived Plus Size Printed Kurtas

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Stepping into the world of plus size fashion, Guniaa Fashion brings you a fresh and vibrant collection of printed plus size kurtas that cater to everyone. Our goal is to ensure that fashion is not just exclusive but inclusive, allowing everyone to enjoy stylish and comfortable clothing. Whether you're attending a festive event, heading to a casual outing or simply looking for everyday elegance, our kurtas are designed to fit every occasion.

Fashion should never be a compromise between style and comfort. That's why our new arrivals in plus size kurtas combine the best of both worlds, offering high-quality, breathable fabrics with captivating designs. Each kurta in this collection is crafted with care, ensuring that the wearer feels confident and stylish. We provide a range of sizes to ensure a perfect fit for everyone. Embrace the charm of traditional attire with a modern twist, and make a statement with our unique and vibrant kurtas. Here’s a closer look at what makes our latest collection so special.

  1. Made from Premium 100% Cotton

Our kurtas are more than just pieces of clothing; they are crafted from premium 100% cotton, ensuring breathability and comfort for all-day wear - to provide you with the ultimate comfort experience. We carefully source our fabric to provide you with the utmost comfort, making these kurtas perfect for any occasion. Whether you're running errands or attending a special event, our kurtas keep you feeling fresh and stylish throughout the day.


  1. Digital Printed Captivating Designs

All our kurtas feature digitally printed designs, a process that ensures vibrant and precise patterns. Digital printing allows us to bring intricate designs and a wide array of colors to life. Our new collection showcases unique and vibrant designs that blend traditional cultural motifs with modern aesthetics. Whether you prefer the bright tones of the ‘Raas Digital Printed Men’s Plus Size Kurta’ or the subtle ikat-like patterns of the ‘Weaves Digital Printed Men’s Plus Size Kurta’ in black and white, there’s something for every style.

Digital Printing Process: Digital printing involves applying designs directly onto the fabric using advanced technology. This method not only ensures the precision of the patterns but also maintains the fabric’s softness and breathability. It allows for a greater variety of colors and more detailed designs, resulting in a striking and durable print.

  1. Designed for Comfort and Style

Our kurtas are not just about looking good; they are designed with your comfort in mind. Featuring two side slits for ease of movement and full sleeves for a modern yet traditional appearance, these kurtas offer the perfect balance of comfort and style. The buttoned top on the collar adds a touch of versatility, allowing you to style your kurta in different ways to suit your mood and occasion.


  1. No Discolouration or Fading

Quality assurance is paramount at Guniaa Fashion. We ensure that our garments maintain their vibrant colors and patterns even after multiple washes. After the digital printing process, each kurta is washed 3-4 times to set the design and ensure it stays bright and intact. This process guarantees that your kurta will look as good as new for a long time.

  1. Available in Plus Sizes

We believe fashion should be inclusive, which is why our new collection of kurtas is available in sizes from XS to 12XL. Each piece is tailored to fit your body perfectly, ensuring comfort and style for everyone. Our commitment to size inclusivity means that no matter your size, you can enjoy the beautiful designs and high-quality craftsmanship of our kurtas.


How to Style It: For a casual day out, pair your kurta with denim jeans and sandals for a relaxed yet trendy look. To dress it up for an evening event, opt for tailored trousers and dress shoes. Experiment with accessories like a statement watch or a classic bracelet to elevate your style even further.

Guniaa Fashion’s new arrivals in printed plus size kurtas are a celebration of inclusivity and style. Made from premium cotton, featuring vibrant digital prints and designed for comfort and versatility, these kurtas are perfect for anyone looking to add a touch of elegance to their wardrobe. Available in a wide range of sizes, these kurtas are tailored to fit every body type perfectly. Explore our collection today and find your perfect fit with Guniaa Fashion.